Spokane Valley Baseball
Youth Baseball Leagues - Ages 4 through 13

SPONSORS are needed:


Keep the cost of playing baseball within the reach of our youngsters.  We are constantly upgrading equipment, buying uniforms, searching for umpires, providing insurance, and giving scholarships to needy children. Call us to sponsor a team or to find out how.

2017 - It's Spring! Batter Up!:


CHECK BACK HERE! Bringing you more information about our leagues, schedules, standings and highlights of our players. If you have a idea for us.... drop us a line!

 Spring 2017 Registration:


Registration forms are being emailed.  Last year players should expect to receive a registration form via email in February. If you have not received it or are new to our leagues, we will have a downloadable one here! Check back here as we improve our website.


The Spokane Valley Baseball (SVB) believes in the fundamental philosophy of putting “Athletes First, Winning Second.”  This is the motto of the American Sports Education Program (ASEP), and it means this: every decision made and every behavior displayed on the field should be based first on what is judged best for the athletes, and second on what may improve the athlete’s or team’s chances of winning.  In the final analysis, what’s important is not how many games are won, but how many young people are helped to become winners in life.

Association Philosophy...."Athletes First”

Having “Athletes First, Winning Second” as a base philosophy does not mean that winning is unimportant.  The immediate short-term objective of any game is to win.  Striving to win within the rules of the game should be the objective of every athlete and coach.  Striving to win is essential to enjoyable competition.  We believe that it is the pursuit of the victory, the dream of achieving the goal more than the goal itself that yields the joy of sports.

2017 Letter

2017 Registration

2016 Midget Champions

Team: Orchard Center
Sponsors: Mike Burke Painting
                  & The Debt Guy.

2016 Pee Wee Champions

Team: Pee Wees - Pasadena Park Sponsor: Kreider's Western Glove.