youth baseball leagues-ages 4 through 12
Spokane Valley Baseball Policy & Procedure Code of Conduct
  1. If a parent, manager, coach or umpire has an issue with the conduct or behavior of another parent, manager, coach or umpire they should first attempt to resolve the situation on a "person to person" basis.
  2. If this first attempt does not resolve the situation, them both parties must provide written document that recaps the FACTS of the event (who was involved, when it happened, what specifically took place.)  The document must not be more than 1 typed written double spaced page in length and must be submitted tot he WILL Player Agent, Maura Shunney.  The Player Agent will work with the parties involved as well as the conduct and behavior committee appropriate to the league in which the situation exists.
  3. If deemed necessary, the Player Agent will schedule a meeting with the parties involved and the coduct and behavior committee to review the documents and discuss the situation.  A decision will be rendered within 5 days of the meeting and the WLL C&B committee decision will be final.  If the committee finds that one or both parties are in violation of conduct and behavior policies and the violations warrants a suspension, the "4 strike rule will be applied."
  1. The 4 Strike Rule
          1st Offense = Warning
           2nd Offense = Suspension 1 week or 3 games, whichever is greater.
           3rd Offense = Suspension for 1 year
           4th Offense = Lifetime Suspension

    1.  Situation addressing a "3red and 4th Offense" requires a full executive board review.
     2.Suspension includes exclusion from attending the games in person, not just managing/coaching.

    NOTE:  If a parent, manager, coach or umpire has an issue with a plater, they should approach the player's parent(s) with the issue, NOT the player.  If the situation is not resolved between the two parties, then the player's parent(s) and the party issuing the complaint needs to provide a written document to the WLL Player Agent (see above.)

President-Bill Krieder

Board Members-Cory Aitken & Chris Krieder


The Spokane Valley Baseball League represents more than 50 teams and 700 players between the ages of 4 and 13 in the Valley.  The league is comprised of 4 different groups.


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